A foundation that began from a mother's love for her children, now, a global nonprofit dedicated to end pediatric AIDS/HIV through prevention, treatment, and research.

The Founders


Susie Zeegan

Susan Delaurentis

Elizabeth Glaser

Elizabeth's Story

Elizabeth contracted the AIDS virus through a blood transfusion in 1981 while giving birth to her daughter, Ariel. She and her husband Paul later learned that Elizabeth had unknowingly passed the virus on to Ariel and then their son, Jake. Although Elizabeth and Ariel have passed away, her son Jake is alive today, thanks to advances brought forth by the Foundation.


After Ariel lost her life to AIDS in 1988 Elizabeth, with the help of  Susie and Susan, began working to raise money for research and created the foundation. Though Elizabeth lost her life in 1994 to AIDS, the foundation became the leading global nonprofit foundation working towards the fight against pediatric AIDS/HIV. Jake continues his mother's legacy today, now, a healthy adult. 

Working in 19 countries with close to 5,000 sites around the world, the Foundation’s mission to eradicate pediatric AIDS is supported through its extensive research, advocacy, and prevention and treatment programs

For more information visit pedaid.org

The Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation (EGPAF) is one of the worldwide leaders in the fight against pediatric AIDS. 

Their Impact